“This giant, dark blue sailboat in undoubtedly beautiful, even awesome if we’re correctly gauging the reaction of transfixed fellow boaties as she glides by.”

“The ease with which the 33.6m (110ft 3ins) Imagine crosses the ocean belies her fearsome power."

"This sleek, supersonically-styled sailboat, a five-star fantasy for all who step aboard, set sail from Auckland with the knife edge of maritime technology.”

“Using space-age materials, new era computer technology and innovative engineering, Imagine is not only a sensational performer, she’s also easier to handle than many yachts half her size.”

Agnès Comar, a french interior disegner, was engaged to create what was her first maritime project and ultimately contributed significantly to the success of the yacht. Here are some of her “mood boards”.

The clean simplicity of beech panelling and the muted light colours give the interior an unfussy, comfortable feel.


Main interior areas of Imagine, the upper and lower saloons, photographed with mementoes of her long journeys.

Imagine there are no limits to your travels

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